• In a first for TV Game Shows, we had 10-13 year-old contestants playing the show without parental supervision (parents were in the audience, but not on stage)! These graphics were flooded all over the show, it was a real fun, high-movemnt look.

  • 16 year-olds played for their first car in every game. While this graphic played in the hero video wall and throughout big screens on stage, the mylar 16 balloons lent themselves to a graphic theme throughout the rest of the scenery.

  • We combined the genders for one big Bachelor/Bachelorette Party! The challenge here was creating a Vegas-themed look that's attractive to young couples, while also remaining squeaky-clean for our daytime television family-friendly audience.

  • This animation loops in the Video Wall behind the audience in every non-special episode of the show. I gave it a very massive update in our 46th Season, to better match our new technicolor back of house set design. This is featured prominently in every shot of our audience.

  • I made these cute birds wiggle around in 5 distinct ways over the course of a week-long series celebrating couples. The cute birds went on to make cameos in many couple-related shows.

Special Episodes

The Price Is Right

A sampling of hero animations I created for various Special Episodes of "The Price Is Right."