• Gridlock
  • Gridlock



I worked with art director Toi Whitaker to bring her vision for this game to life. My role focused primarily on the design and execution of the cars, the screen animation & projection mapping, and the logo design & sign can build.

We immediately recognized the need to create a custom car prop, as no existing RC car shells fit the scale and style of our vision. I used Cinema 4D to model the car, then employed a CNC router and a 3D printer to create a material positive of the shape. That positive was then used to thermoform clear polycarbonate shells, which were painted on the inside in order to retain the incredible glossiness of automotive paint. Vinyl details and interior lighting complete the look. 

For the display, we knew we wanted a road sign look, so I employed the function of a split-flap display as a solution for the animated transitions between contestant choices.

Traffic pile-ups, the forced-perspective of the set piece, and the fun, nonchalant attitude of the game (and show) all played roles in the design of the logo.